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CCIA Committee Boat 101
By Linc Spaulding

Manning the committee boat should be enjoyable, a fun day on the water, regardless of the weather, as we are out there not only for a little competition, but to learn how to get the most out of our boats, and train the next generation to be the best and most competent sailors…

Breaking Into Racing: Advice for New CC21 Racers
By Rick Marshall

One dark, Cleveland, February morning a few years ago, I was commuting downtown with Rob McCreary and somehow we got to talking about summer and vacation and how great it was to be out on the water. And how it was especially great to be out sailing…

Dealing with a Sea of Calms
By Linc Spaulding

Although it is certainly true that the wind can blow hard between county Point and the Hypocrites (as it did in ’95), on an average day we’re lucky to get 8 kts of wind. And it is also a given that on these same windless afternoons the wind will…

Getting the Most Out of Your Christmas Cove 21
By Linc Spaulding & Dal Dalgleish

Our CC 21’s are a marvelous compromise of day sailor and racer. The faintest breeze will move them nicely, the slanted coamings make them perfect for relaxing when day sailing. When the breeze picks up we have a winner too, and things can get down right exhilarating…

Northeast Sailing Association: Its there for you!
Ted Dey

Deb asked me to provide some background on the NSA and what it means to the CCIA. As this is all new to me, I’ll give it my best shot. So here we go!